Affordable Dental Coverage for the Whole Family!

Now you can join our low cost dental coverage for a nominal membership fee. Our coverage entitles you to preventive dental care at no cost! Corrective services are vailable for small co-payments that are for less thatn the usual, customary fees.

Our professional staff is qualified to care for all of your dental needs!

Low-Cost Dental Coverage

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*All Health Conditions Accepted!
*You Cannot Be Denied Coverage!
*No Deductibles!
*No Health Questions!

Individual ~ $249 / yr.
Individual & Spouse ~ $449 / yr.
Additional Child in Family ~ $99 / yr.

Affordable Dental Coverage For You and Your Entire Family As Low As $21/mo.

Restorative Dentistry
Periodontic / Surgery Dentistry
Crown / Bridge / Dentures
Preventative Dentistry

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