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Are Your Yellow Teeth Making a Lasting Impression About You?


Photo by Cynthia De Luna on Unsplash.License

Whether it is to improve self esteem, make you look more attractive to others or simply to keep up with the Jones’s, teeth whitening is certainly all the craze today. Movie stars have sparkling white teeth; many reality stars have them and so do virtually all television personalities (news, sportscaster’s, talk show hosts and so on).

Like those waif-looking beauties strutting down the modeling runways, these enamel glistening posers must all be seeing the dentist to the stars, or are they? I mean who has such perfect teeth? Hollywood stars are known for their cigarette smoking, coffee drinking and of course, frequent visits to rehab. Don’t all of these things stain their teeth?

Sure they do, but they also sought professional dental help to restore their pearly whites to their natural shine. These celebrities do not rely on the over-the-counter remedies we all see on TV and in the grocery store. They get theirs done right by a professional.

We too all want glistening white teeth but many of us don’t feel like bothering with the process, are deterred by the cost or simply don’t know how to go about realizing the best results. But one thing is for sure…beautifully white teeth will make us feel better and look better. There is no doubt about it.

Graying or yellowing teeth are the result of damage to the pigmentation of your teeth. With the proper treatment, you can restore your teeth to their natural shine but you must first choose the process that is best for you.

The two most effective approaches to teeth whitening are in-office laser treatment and at-home teeth whitening with custom-fit trays designed by your dentist. Most over the counter remedies will work to some degree but will not guarantee the same level of results these professional treatments will. Over-the-counter approaches will likely lighten your teeth by three to five shades while professional treatments will improve pigmentation by 10 shades or more.

A good ballpark price range for the in-office laser treatment is somewhere between $400-$900 for both the top and bottom teeth. However, in many cases, more than one treatment will be necessary for the best results and your dentist may recommend you follow up this treatment with a custom-tray at-home remedy prescribed by them. This will obviously add more cost to your bottom line.

Putting the premium pricing aside, the biggest advantage to professional treatments is the immediacy and duration of the effect. With the laser treatment, you will see full results as soon as the procedure is finished, and with at-home custom-fit trays, your dentist has given you professional-grade bleaching gel to keep your teeth white for a long time to come. Tre White by Opalescence, is a professional whitening kit that has pre filled disposable trays worn for 30-60 minutes once a day. You’ll see results in 5 to 10 days..

While teeth whitening may or may not be something you are considering right now, some things are for sure when you do decide to take the plunge:

· You will feel more confident

· You will look more attractive

· People won’t be turned off by your graying/yellowing smile any longer

The approach is much cheaper and less intrusive than other cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, face lifts and tummy tucks

There is no pain involved

It is completely safe

The best thing for you to do if you are considering brightening your teeth is to speak with your dentist who will discuss the best treatments for you.

If you do make the choice to whiten your teeth with Tre White, we would love it if you would send us some before and after pictures so we can showcase them on our site.