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Cosmetic dentistry is the perfect combination between art and science that focuses in improving your smile.

Our practice counts with the latest technology and a wide variety of procedures to restore and improve your smile.


A dental implant is a great alternative to replace missing teeth .A implant is small titanium base cylinder that is surgically placed in the jawbone. Implants can support single crown, long span bridges or support a full or partial dentures. They are considered a long term restoration and provide great aesthetic results.



The Gum disease is an inflammatory disease, it cause irritation to the gum, bone and supporting structures around the teeth.

How we determined if we have a gum disease problem?
The signs and symptoms are: red, swollen tender gums, these conditions cause bleeding when you brush, chronic bad breath, chronic bad taste in the mouth and sometimes loose teeth.

Diagnosis and treatment
A deep cleaning below the gum line is necessary; in later stages of the disease it may be necessary to remove the soft tissue (curettage)


Most people experience different level of anxiety at the thought of visiting a dentist reason why the sedation dentistry has been implemented to many practices. Sedation allows the patient to feel completely at ease during the dental treatment.

Who is a candidate for oral sedation?
Patient with fear of needle or other dental treatment or require complex treatment.
Different kinds of sedation can be offer; during your initial consultation the Dr. at your service would evaluate which is the type of sedation recommended in your case. The types of sedation offer at the office are:

Oral sedation
Nitrous oxide treatment
IV sedation


A Crown is a protective covering that is cemented onto your tooth. A crown may be recommended for a tooth has a large filling a root canal or a fracture. A bridge is simple 3 or more crowns linked.

Bridges helps to replace missing teeth, keeps teeth from drifting out of position and improves aesthetics.


Veneers or laminates are thin shell of porcelain that are bonded to the surface of the teeth these can change the shape, shade and position to improve the aesthetic of your smile.

A complete examination is require to determine if you can be a good candidate for this procedure


Root canal treatment treats disorders of the nerve of the tooth .The most common factors contributing to a need of a root canal treatment are:

Physical trauma to the tooth.

Physical irritation cause by  a deep decay or a large filling.


The wisdom teeth have gain a reputation for creating problems; frequently when these teeth are coming out  they do not have enough room in the jaw creating pressure in the rest of the teeth forcing them to move  towards the middle creating a overlapping on the teeth.

Another problems cause by the wisdom teeth can be gum disease, decay because these teeth are difficult to clean and they may collect bacteria. It is important an early diagnosis and removal for one or more wisdom teeth before roots become firmly embedded in the dense adult jaw bone.


Deep whitening is a cosmetic procedure that will help to improve your smile removing stains acquire naturally by consumption of food, drinks, etc.

We offer two methods, one is the in- office system were results yield in about an hour. The other procedure is the take home system can be used during the day or night and yield the maximum results in10 to14 days.

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